Solving Secret Codes Just Like Spies

girl using decoder wheel

This month we learned all about the secret and exciting world of spies! Students practiced different types of codes, learned to disguise themselves and even solved a mystery. Here are ideas for your own Spy unit or Spy party!

Secret Codes

The most important aspect of any good Spy unit is codes! There are lots of different types of codes spies can use. Here are some favorites my kids liked.

Cipher Wheel

Grille Cipher

Book Cipher

Special Disguises

Next, we watched this awesome video about how the CIA uses disguises

If I was working with only older students I would have them make their disguises out of construction paper, fabric, pipecleaners etc. and place them on top of their photo. However, I knew my younger students needed a little more support than that. So, I found these great paper doll clothes that you can download for free and color! Students still used some creativity to decide what colors to make their clothing and which pieces of clothing to use in their disguise. I think they turned out really cute!

Spy Gadgets

Finally, every great spy needs their gadgets! The younger friends made special rainbow vision glasses while the older friends designed their own spy gadget.

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