Around The World Game

Kids in a circle in a classroom

Games are a fun and important method for helping students practice skills and remember facts in the classroom. You can read more about that in my post: Why is Active Learning Important? Here is one game that I’ve used in multiple subject areas.

To play Around the World, have each student stand up in a circle. Depending on how your desks are arranged, they may be able to just stand next to their desk. Start with the two students nearest to you. Ask them a question that requires a one or two word answer. The student who answers first, stays standing and the student who answered second, sits down. For the second question, the student who answered the first question correctly will play against the next person in the circle. After each question, the student who answers first gets to keep playing while the person who answered second has to sit down.

Once every student has had a chance to play, start going around the circle a second time. Eventually their will only be one student left standing. That student is the winner.

How you can use this game in different subjects:

Math: Ask a simple addition, subtraction or multiplication problem and students give the answer.

Social Studies: Name a state, students say the capital.

Science: Name an animal, students say if its a mammal, bird, reptile or amphibian.

English: Say a word, student says a word that rhymes.

Say a word, student says a word that means the same or opposite.

Spell a word, student says what the word is.

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