Teacher Choice in Professional Development

Professional development session

Professional development is essential for educators to stay current with research, best practices, and emerging trends in education. Professional development allows teachers to explore new ideas, strategies, and technologies that can enhance their teaching effectiveness and student outcomes. However, over time, results have shown that offering teacher’s some degree of choice in the topics and ways they learn new information…

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How to Analyze Pre-Assessments and See Student Growth

pre-assessment form

Pres-assessing students is important in a variety of ways. First it helps teachers understand what students already know about a topic. This allows them to tailor instruction to meet the needs of individual students or the class as a whole. With knowledge of students’ prior understanding, teachers can plan their lessons more effectively. They can identify areas where students may…

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3 Different Approaches to Instructional Coaching and When To Use Them

Two adults talking to each other

Choosing the appropriate coaching approach depends on various factors, including the coachee’s needs, the coaching context, the coach’s style and expertise, and the specific goals and objectives of the coaching. Jim Knight’s book The Impact Cycle identifies three different approaches to coaching: facilitative, dialogical and direct. Coaches often adapt their approach, and they may incorporate elements of each of these…

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3 Data Collection Tools to Use During Informal Observations

teacher in classroom

Data collection allows administrators, school leaders, and educational researchers to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of teachers. By observing teachers in action, they can gather evidence about instructional practices, classroom management, student engagement, and overall teaching quality. This data helps provide constructive feedback to teachers, identify areas for improvement, and support professional development efforts. Classroom observations, combined with data on…

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Tips for Leading a Great Classroom Discussion

classroom discussion

Whole-class discussions can encourage students to learn from one another and to articulate content in their own words. Mixing in discussions can help maintain students’ focus. As they discuss their answers, they get different perspectives on the topic. Good questions and answers can get students to think deeply about the topic and make connections. However, not all class discussions are…

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Ways to Raise Student Achievement Through Goal-Setting

Goals can be a powerful motivator and tool for accountability. Several different years when I was teaching and preparing my students for external exams or just trying to motivate low performers, I asked each student to come up with a goal (a percentage) that they wanted to hit in the subject. I tried to steer them to set a goal…

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3 Activities to Practice Kindness In the Classroom

heart drawn on a paper

Kindness is a very important concept to teach and practice with your students. Before looking at three great activities to practice kindness, you should discuss what kindness looks and sounds like and why it is actually important. You can use the demonstrations below to help students of any age to visualize kindness in a concrete way. Teach About Why Kindness…

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How to Help Teachers to Reflect on Their Teaching

As an administrator, I conduct formal observations on all the teachers in our building. After the observation, I hold a meeting with the teacher to go over what I observed and ways they can grow for next time. I always ask the same question when I begin these meetings “Tell me what you think went well in the lesson and…

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Taking Your Rubrics to the Next Level


In my first post about rubrics I defined what a rubric is and the parts of a rubric. Assuming you now know the basics, I’m going to talk about how to make your rubric even better. Here are some common problems people have when they first start developing rubrics: I have a student who falls between two boxes on the…

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6 Google Calendar Organization Hacks for School Principals

Google calendar

Principals often struggle with how to organize all the tasks and meetings they have in a typical day. It can easily be overwhelming. So, I want to share with you six calendar hacks I’ve learned that have helped me. If you’re not very familiar with Google Calendar or would like a refresher on the basics, check out this video from…

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