How to Help Teachers to Reflect on Their Teaching

As an administrator, I conduct formal observations on all the teachers in our building. After the observation, I hold a meeting with the teacher to go over what I observed and ways they can grow for next time. I always ask the same question when I begin these meetings “Tell me what you think went well in the lesson and…

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Taking Your Rubrics to the Next Level


In my first post about rubrics I defined what a rubric is and the parts of a rubric. Assuming you now know the basics, I’m going to talk about how to make your rubric even better. Here are some common problems people have when they first start developing rubrics: I have a student who falls between two boxes on the…

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6 Google Calendar Organization Hacks for School Principals

Google calendar

Principals often struggle with how to organize all the tasks and meetings they have in a typical day. It can easily be overwhelming. So, I want to share with you six calendar hacks I’ve learned that have helped me. If you’re not very familiar with Google Calendar or would like a refresher on the basics, check out this video from…

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Keys to Supporting Teacher Growth and Development

I’ve spent almost two decades working in education and various types of schools. I was a teacher and now I train teachers. I’ve seen schools where teachers are growing rapidly, transforming their teaching methods and student learning. I’ve also seen schools where teachers are stagnant and complacent. What makes the difference? Why do teachers grow in some environments and not…

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Promote Teacher’s Growth with Instructional Rounds

When I first introduced Instructional Rounds at my school, teachers had never heard of them. I needed to break down what they are and what they aren’t. It’s not an opportunity for one teacher to observe and evaluate another. Instead, the teachers participating are trying to see what strengths another teacher has that they can grab and implement in their…

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Ways to Support Teachers Coming Back to School

Teacher standing infront of classroom

As we start off another school year here are a few tips to help new teachers (and returning ones) feel supported and prepared. Make Expectations and Procedures Really Clear Just like our students need reminders on procedures and expectations every time they return from a break, teachers also need a reminder. Make sure that you clearly establish these at the…

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What I’ve Learned My First Year As An Administrator

calendar book with flowers on a desk

I’ve had the privilege of leading professional development workshops/trainings for teachers many times in the past. I’ve been Academic Coordinator at a school in the past and worked with teachers and administrators to create school-wide programs and policies to raise academic achievement. However, this academic year was my first year in an official role as an Vice Principal. I use…

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The Essential Learning Materials Every Classroom Must Have!

Kids actively learning in class

Are you setting up a new classroom, or moving towards hands-on learning instead of traditional, worksheet style of teaching? It can get overwhelming looking at all the different resources out there. So I want to simplify it for you! Here are the must have hands-on learning materials that every Elementary classroom needs. Each of these materials can be used in…

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Alternatives to Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

Teachers and administrators know that life is BUSY during the school year. It can be very difficult to carve out time for a whole staff professional development workshop. So what other alternatives can instructional coaches and administrators use to help their teachers grow? Individual Coaching Cycles During an individual coaching cycle a teacher is paired with a mentor (an administrator,…

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How To Grade Students’ Projects With Rubrics

water cycle student project

So your students created these beautiful posters, display boards or brochures. Now, you need to give them a grade. How do you make sure you are grading students projects fairly? Often times teachers have their own bias or opinion about what they think is most important on a project. I have found that the fairest, simplest way for teachers to…

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