Role Play for ESL Students

Creating authentic experiences for ESL students to practice speaking the language is a must we all know! Here is a great activity for your unit on foods.

First I cut out different types of printable food. You could also use plastic food or even real food!!

Then I assigned some students to be the customers, some to be waiters and waitresses and some to be cooks. The customers were given a menu and needed to tell the waiter or waitress what food they wanted.

The waiters checked off the food that the customer ordered on their order form. Then they took that form to the cooks. The food was all layed out on a table. When the waiters came and told the cooks what the customer ordered the cooks would find the food on the table and hand it to the waiter.

students around play food

There was so much speaking and interaction in this activity and the students really loved it! You can get all the materials to run your own restaurant role play activity by clicking the image below.

Resaurant ESL activity

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