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Massive List of Free STEM task cards

STEM task cards are cards that students complete to focus on a specific skill or concept. What makes them different from other learning activities is that each card focuses on one activity or problem.

Students grab a card, complete the activity, and then start on another card. Some task cards can be completed quickly and students will work through an entire stack of cards during a station. Other task cards take more time and students may complete only one or two in the designated time.

STEM task cards are a great way to simply incorporate STEM in your classroom. Students can grab a task card and some materials as part of your morning routine or when they finish an assignment in class early. You can use task cards in a center or for a STEM day like Maker Monday or STEM Friday.

If you are just getting started with STEM in your classroom and want more guidance, check out my post “What the heck is STEM and how do I do it?”

Lego Challenge Cards:

Stem Laboratory Lego Challenges

Lego Math Cards

Love We’re Learning Lego Challenge Cards

Miss Lulu Build It Cards

STEM Task Cards Using Any Materials:

Open Ended Building Cards from Poet Prints

Download my set of free STEM task cards by clicking the image below!

Pattern Block Cards:

**If you don’t own pattern blocks you can print your own here

Pattern block shapes from 123Homeschooling (The card asks students to identify how many of different shapes they used to create the picture)

Popsicle Stick Cards:

Twinkle 2D Shape Cards

STEM laboratory 2D and 3D shapes

Younger Students:

Block shadow cards

Unifix cube cards

Building shapes with crayons

Fairy Tale STEM cards

There are lot’s of other great STEM task cards you can purchase for low prices, but these free ones are a great place to start.

Comment below if you have another set to add to the list!

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