Build a Bird’s Nest- STEM Challenge

bird's nest

STEM design challenges are a wonderful way to This is such a fun activity to do with your child or students in the Spring or around Easter time.

Some resources you’ll need:

First, I like to start by reading a book about bird’s nests to engage students in the topic. A couple of my favorites are Birds Make Nests by Michael Garland and This is the Nest that Robin Built by Denise Fleming.

Next, have students observe some different types of nests that birds make. I’ll give students the option to research online by scanning the QR code for various websites I have found.

They can also view printed photos and observe the different styles of bird’s nests. The more students observe different nests, the more ideas they will have when creating their own. You’ll get more creativity from them and diversity in the nests they design.

After observing and researching real bird’s nests, they will use a simple planning template to plan out their design. They should list materials they will use and draw a picture of what it will look like.

One thing I always insist during this STEM challenge, is that students are not allowed to use type to keep their nests together. In real life birds can’t tape their nests together, so neither should they.

You can get all the resources you’ve seen in this post in my build a bird’s nest STEM challenge packet. Click the image below to check it out!

build a bird's nest activity

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