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8 Activities To Teach Kids Using Scrabble Tiles

1. Put Letters In Alphabetical Order.

Dump out letters A-Z on the floor or a table and have your child line the letters up in the correct order. If they don’t know the whole alphabet yet they can practice with just the beginning half or the first few and add more letters later.

2. Match Uppercase and Lowercase Letters.

Write or print out letters a-z on a piece of paper in lowercase letters. Have your child pull out a Scrabble tile and say the name of the letter. Now lay the Scrabble tile on top of the matching lowercase letter.

Matching Scrabble tiles to lowercase letters on a page

3. Identify Letter Sounds.

Lay out letters on the floor. Say the sound of a letter and have the child find the Scrabble letter tile that matches the sound you just said. They should hold it up and repeat the sound. You can also say the name of a letter and have the child find the Scrabble tile and then tell YOU the sound of that letter.

4. Spell Simple Words.

After your child learns the sounds and names of letters A-Z, they can begin forming simple words. Write some simple words on notecards or buy flashcards with words and pictures on them like these on Amazon. The child can copy the word on the flashcard using their Scrabble tiles.

If you want some more ideas of how you can practice simple words with your child in a fun, exciting way check out my post: Engaging Strategies for Teaching Short Vowel Words.

5. Find The Beginning Sound.

Show your child an object or a picture or an object. Have them say the word then hold up the Scrabble tile for the letter at the beginning of the word.

For example if you hold up a cup. Your child with find letter C and hold it up.

6. Make Rhyming Words.

Practice word families by keeping the last letters the same and just changing the beginning sound. For example: rat, cat, hat, mat.

7. Fill In The Missing Sound/Letter.

Print cards that have either the beginning, middle or ending letter missing. Place the correct Scrabble letter in the missing space. You can find a lot of printable cards. Here are some of my favorite freebies:

8. Letter Scavenger Hunt.

Hide the Scrabble tiles around a room, outside or in a sandbox and let your child search for them!

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