Encourage Positive Behavior With A Classroom VIP

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Need a quick effective classroom management fix?! Try a V.I.P. table! This post has everything you need for your classroom!

Every teacher needs some form of classroom management strategy. I usually utilize several throughout an academic year as I have found that after a few months students often loose interest and the classroom management strategy becomes less effective. When this happens, I introduce something new. Here is one of my favorite ways to encourage positive behavior in the classroom- designating a VIP!

How to Use this Strategy: Create a specific area in your classroom designated for VIPs. Make this area super special by including special chairs, decorations, VIP supplies. Give VIPs a few special privileges such as getting to line up first. Next, list the behaviors that allow students to be a VIP.  Keep it simple and only choose actions that can be “proven” so to speak. For example finish classwork, keep area neat etc. Throughout the day or just at the beginning of the day, move students who have been demonstrating the listed behaviors to the table. Students can be moved away from the table if they do not continue meeting the expectations. The original idea for a VIP table comes from TheTattooedTeacher 

PROS:  Students are held accountable for their own actions not others’. Highly motivational and incorporates a small amount of peer competition. It’s a FREE reward for students.

CONS: There are only so many seats at the VIP table so the number of students you can reward is limited. You don’t want to make everyone in class a VIP!

If you are looking for other classroom management strategies to use check out my post on my favorite classroom management strategies.

What other classroom management system has worked for you? Share with me in the comments.

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