How to Value Diversity in Your Classroom

two students looking at a globe

What is Culturally Responsive Teaching? Culturally responsive teaching isn’t just about racial ethnicity. It is a set of intentional teaching methods, lesson plans, activities, and attitudes that include students from diverse backgrounds equally. As schools around the world become more and more diverse, helping students to connect learning to their own backgrounds continues to be one of the top ways…

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Celebrating The Holiday Season In A Culturally Responsive Way

paper lanterns sitting outside on the ground

If you don’t know what culturally responsive teaching is check out my post here before reading this one. November and December is a time of year marked with numerous important holidays around the world. How can teach about these holidays and celebrate along with students while still being culturally responsive? Here’s some suggestions: Incorporate different holidays equally in your classroom…

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What is Culturally Responsive Teaching?

Classrooms around the world are becoming more and more diverse. The way in which we connect and present information to students from different backgrounds, cultures and races can effect the way they learn. Nikki Rucker says: “Culturally responsive teaching (CRT) attempts to bridge the gap between teacher and student by helping the teacher understand the cultural nuances that may cause…

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